About Us

Our company is Tin Phat Outdoor Furniture. It specializes in designing, manufacturing and exporting home and garden furniture, with brand names: More garden – outdoor furniture.
Our products are mainly made from Poly Rattan, Bamboo, Water Hyacinth, Upholstery, MDF and many more. There are diversified ranges which always catch up with new trends in the furniture market.
We are able to supply the large quantity orders or we are willing to supply mixed order or door to door delivery depending on customer’s strategy.
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For a beautiful life, convenience and peace of mind

We are committed to providing good quality products, high durability, efficiency and good service at reasonable prices with the highest respect and responsibility for our customers in particular and contribute to the common development of  countries.

Core values

Trust and respect: Always put the interests of customers first, every thing we do is only valuable when both customers and partners benerfit.

Creative and professional: Developing human resources, we attach importance to the work of building a team of talents, paying attention to training human resources with knowledge in technology and manufacturing models.

Existence and continuous development: Continuously updated and improved to bring customers the best products and services.

For the community: All products we research, produce and market always take professional ethical standards, for the benefit of our customers.