Wicker rattan chair with umbrella is a design taken from the idea of ​​plastic rattan furniture, which is a completely new design that is highly aesthetic and is the trend of many families and investors because it fascinated by modern beauty mixed with classic features.

Wicker rattan chair with umbrella is perfectly designed, suitable for all spaces (garden, balcony, cafe, …). The design of relaxing chairs for the late afternoon, confidant, enjoying light meals with their loved ones, the product is quite solid structure with galvanized steel frame and powder coating to protect from being eaten worn by inclement weather. Rattan chairs are decorated with rubber bands with round rubber core in the form of 6-8ly round fibers, withstand 150kg weight with elasticity to create a comfortable feeling for people of use.

Unlike natural bamboo and rattan products, the rattan chair is made of metal umbrella despite the metal frame structure, which is made of sturdy and sturdy materials. Thanks to the professional workers, they have shaped each sturdy steel frame. into beautiful shapes. Wicker chairs with rattan umbrella are usually optional between 3 types: zinc iron, aluminum and stainless steel.

The most common but limited zinc iron is susceptible to oxidation, rust when displayed in humid environments, after a while the chair structure will be no longer, and need to be replaced.

Therefore, in the manufacturing process, the rattan chair with rattan wire with Iron Zinc metal frame is treated with powder coating with very good anti-rust ability, equipped for a chair with high durability, hard to find furniture. Any regular garden can match.

Aluminum and stainless steel are completely rustless, adaptable in many harsh environments but the price will be much higher than that of zinc iron.

Depending on the needs of customers, our professional consultants will help you choose the most suitable material. Saving the cost of replacement investment in the long run.

Comes with Wicker rattan chair, even though it is a mousse mattress, with a removable mattress cover and color options to suit the user’s aesthetic. 10mm thick tempered glass, creating a solemn beauty for tables and chairs.






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