Lesson from billionaire Jack Ma: Perseverance and determination

Jack Ma is now the founder and CEO of Alibaba and is one of the examples of perseverance and determination. The stories of Jack Mar are shared by the whole world as an inspiration, motivation for everyone in the journey to success.

Once rejected by Harvard 10 times, KFC did not recruit and then learned English by making a free tour guide for tourists, Jack Mar never stopped before the difficulties piling up.

During his interesting sharing session at Davos as part of the world economic forum, Jack Ma said he had met countless failures before becoming the owner of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

No success will come so easily, the more difficult, the more mistakes you will make, the more you will gain. Accumulation of quantity will lead to qualitative change. The important thing is that after each difficulty, we can stand up, move on, and persevere in pursuing our goals.


 Lesson from billionaire Jack Ma: Perseverance and determination

The BossHunting page once wrote: “Jack Ma applied for 30 jobs when he was looking for work and all of them rejected him. Among them was a job at KFC, where 24 people applied to apply and they hired everyone else except Jack Ma. He wrote a total of 10 applications to Harvard and the same time this famous university door did not open to Jack Ma. ”

People often think that, when rejected, it is failure. However, in that failure there is always the chance of success. If Harvard did not reject Jack Ma 10 times, if he did not face many challenges, surely today we will not see a giant Alibaba worth up to $ 200 billion.

Lesson for us all: Be persistent and determined to pursue your goals. When you are in the most trouble, you are approaching the door to success! Good luck!

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