The lesson of perseverance that everyone has to remember in life: The fastest way to get over the rock is through it!

There will be stages in your life that you are forced to face so hard that you want to give up, give up your intention to accomplish your goals. However, giving up is not an option. People who easily give up on goals can never do big things.

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Determining why you want to give up is important. The wrong lesson for failure is a lack of confidence, a lack of discipline, a hard work and no real effort. You are afraid of the end result that is not expected and cannot adapt to the changes. Those are the basic reasons that you choose to unfinished your goals. Many people even give up as soon as the opportunity for success is near.

Think carefully before giving up

A person’s strength lies in his thinking and motivation to solve problems. If you look at successful people and think they have everything they want after just one night, that’s completely wrong. They have worked hard and experienced many failures. We do not see the process of their efforts but only the results. Therefore, creating the illusion that you will be rich and successful overnight after you do not need effort and perseverance at work.

On the other hand, one part tends to be harsh to itself. They always think that they are weak, incapable so they will face failure. These people should look for approaches and address their goals in a new way. Remember that achieving the final goal is not the only way. In fact, it can have hundreds of different paths, regardless of whether it’s easy or difficult.

Going through a difficult time is a premise to make a big breakthrough on the road to success. The important thing when you feel stuck is to change your mind. Before deciding to give up your dream, imagine what kind of person you would become? If you continue pursuing, what will happen? The decision not to give up, with all determination and effort, you will get worthy results. Giving up and deluding yourself for the next opportunity, never think the opportunity will come again if you haven’t really changed. Do not allow yourself in the future to regret a decision now.

Facing difficulties may not lead to the best results. But it is not entirely a failure because you can draw valuable experiences and lessons for yourself. Failure is just a vocabulary. Don’t care what others say, instead trust yourself to be able to overcome and keep moving forward. Difficulties and challenges are not negative issues but like leverage to help you go further on the chosen path.

How to keep motivated?

The decision to give up will make you feel relieved that you no longer face that challenge, but the satisfaction may end quickly and be replaced by feelings of regret and regret.

The real challenge that you have to overcome is your own weakness manifested in the physical form. Imagine challenges like a big rock lying ahead. Choose to give up? You will stand forever in that position. Even forced to backward while others are constantly moving forward. Therefore, by all means you have to overcome your own rock to improve and develop yourself. You can choose how to go around the rock, but the fastest way to pass is to break the rock and go through it.

The fastest way to overcome the challenge is to treat it like a rock in front of you, smash it and walk through it.

The rock is challenging but also your weakness. You can adjust your life to fit your fears, but it means you have accepted failure. All problems will be solved easily when you know how to break a large rock into smaller pieces and deal with each small stone. This means, set goals and split. After that, gradually completing small goals to create a premise to achieve bigger goals.

1. Find your weaknesses

Identify shortcomings and perfection is indispensable for each person. Why can’t you be as successful as “people”? How are you inferior to them? Proactively supplement and practice the skills you lack, be it an online course, a volunteer project or do something to help you get closer to the “perfect candidate”.

2. Learn to be patient

No one becomes a successful business overnight. If you have big dreams, you have to do big things. Instead of giving up easily, take the time and patiently find the best way to reach your final goal.

3. Encourage yourself

You may be under intense pressure for days because of a small mistake. People are so perfect that they have never made mistakes. It is important to know changes and repairs. If you complete the small steps in achieving your goals, you deserve encouragement from yourself. This gives you the impetus to continue to realize bigger goals.

4. Don’t be afraid to learn and share with others

Everyone must go through a period of facing difficult decisions that affect their lives and careers. You are not the first and the only one who has encountered the problem. So don’t be afraid to seek advice from friends, family or strangers with more experienced situations.

5. Seize the opportunity

“What you can’t beat will help you become stronger.” Experiencing difficulties, people mature and learn from useful experiences, regardless of the outcome. It is an opportunity for personal growth.

Remember that success never comes easily. If you want to taste the sweet fruit, you must be the one who sows, patiently takes care of the tree every day, and protects it from storms.

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